We are back! After a lovely 10 day holiday Sam, Rory and I have returned home to Lethbridge. We had a wonderful time with family and were blessed greatly at the Inspire conference. We look forward to sharing resources and material with you soon! 

As part of our travels we spent time in airports. We got an idea of the size of O’Hare airport in Chicago in fact when we had to run from one end to the other in twenty minutes to catch our connecting flight. 

While we whizzed through O’Hare I got to thinking about travel and the Word of God. 

If we look at Matthew 28 we see what is known as the great commission. Jesus’ parting words to his disciples, where he says,

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

Sounds simple, right? The disciples were well equipped - they had been by Jesus’ side for years, acting as sponges gathering up everything he taught them. So now all they had to do was go. But "going" was like "going" now. Travel was tough. There were no cars. No trains. No planes. Horseback would be an option- if you could get a horse, a big task for a lowly fisherman turned disciple. So what happens?

God had a way. The Roman Empire built roads for easier, more efficient transport, making travel easier for everyone. We also see Paul and others make missionary journeys via boat. Getting from point A to point B was getting easier, allowing for the spread of God’s gospel message. 

As history progressed we see modes of transportation change and get faster. In the 1800's the train is invented. By the early 1900s the Wright brothers achieve flight. In that time we also see the mass production of the car by Henry Ford. To "go" was becoming more attainable. 

How about the word of God? Remember, for the first disciples and followers, "making disciples" meant to teach them via word of mouth, verbally re-telling the gospel story. The Bible later is transcribed by those who can read Greek and Hebrew. Then along comes the printing press, getting the word in the hands of the people not just the priest. 

Now, contrast that to today. We have some of the best transportation; I mean I got from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Calgary, Alberta in less than five hours! We can find the Bible on an app and upload to our phone! It is amazing how far we have come, and how God has used human history to advance his Kingdom and spread his word. 

Yet some of us still struggle to share the word of God with others. Even though the Bible is on our iphone and we can hop in our car and go anywhere we want, we struggle. 

But clearly in Matthew 28 Jesus is not just commanding the disciples to go, he is also commanding us. So what do we do?

I propose it isn’t an issue today of "go" as in travel the world - it’s an issue of "go" as in open your mouth sharing what God has done and is doing. Is it easy? No way! But are we called to do it? You bet! 

The disciples probably didn’t have a clue where to start when Jesus laid this out to them, and today we may not know where to start either, but this we do know - God is right there with us. We has given us the tools, we just have to GO! 

Who is one person in your life you can share the gospel with this week?