Today we continue studying the five points of grace using the helpful acronym, FAITH, which stands for: Fallen Humanity, Adopted by God, Intentional Atonement, Transformed by the Holy Spirit, and Held By God. This week, we’re studied Intentional Atonement. It’s a tough subject that sometimes can make our heads spin. And ultimately, we saw that we as humans cannot always understand the things of God. But we can praise and thank him for sending Christ as an atoning sacrifice to wipe our sins away. We can also give thanks and praise that decision of saving isn’t up to us. It is our job to be agents of reconciliation.

 As you read the passages for this week, you can dive deeper into what the atoning death of Christ is all about and who it is for. 

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Your word is like a lamp that shows me the way. It is like a light that guides me. Psalm 119:105 NIrV








Leviticus 16

Isaiah 53

Acts 16:16-40

John 10:14-18

John 17

1 Samuel 16

1 Samuel 17


Questions to think about as you read:

  1. What is the difference between atonement and reconciliation? Which needs to come first?
  2. As you read Monday about the Day of Atonement what stands out to you?  
  3. This prophecy you read on Tuesday is talking about Jesus. What do you think the original readers thought about this?
  4. As you read Wednesday, remember we mentioned this story in the sermon. As you read the full story what stands out to you?
  5. In the passage for Thursday Jesus calls himself the good shepherd, how does this give you comfort?
  6. In Friday’s reading, see as Jesus prays to be glorified he prays for his disciples and believers today. As you read these words, what emotions does it evoke inside you?
  7. When reading for Saturday, we see an unexpected event here in David getting anointed. What does this tell you about God and who he uses to accomplish his plan?

For Families:

These concepts can be hard to grasp as a child. Share The Five-Finger Gospel with your children as a simple way to share the good news of Jesus with others. In sharing the gospel, they are able to fulfil our call to be agents of reconciliation.


Read the third main point of doctrine as explained in the Canons of Dort.

Watch this video from the Bible Project on atonement.