On Sunday, we talked about Luke 6:27-38.  Love our enemies? Do good to people who hate us? Bless people who curse us? Pray for people that mistreat us? That is counter cultural. It is probably easier to throw hate back at those who hate us, or repay curses for curses. We like to live in our sinful nature, what Pastor Paul called the old economy. But because of Jesus and his atoning death on the cross and glorious resurrection we are called to live in a new economy, one in which we live out the words of Luke 6:27-38. Is that easy? No way! Take time this week to read through the following text. Reflect on the counter cultural way God calls us to live. 

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Your word is like a lamp that shows me the way. It is like a light that guides me. Psalm 119:105 NIrV









Romans 5:1-11

1 John

Acts 3:1-26





Questions to think about as your read:

  1. Reread the text from Sunday. Does something catch your eye that didn’t on Sunday morning? Write the words or verse down that did or highlight it in your Bible.
  2. As you read from Romans 5, pay special attention to verse 8. “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” How does reading this verse make you feel?
  3. As you read this text from 1 John reflect on the hate that is in our world. Are we as Christians participating in the hate? Do we claim to love God, then go and spread hate toward people?
  4. Pastor Paul referenced this story of Peter and John healing a lame man from Acts 3. In a shocking act Peter and John give the man nothing physical, instead share Christ with him, and he is healed. Are there moments in your week where you can share Christ with those in need?
  5. Okay yes that is a lot to read. But take some time and recount the story of Joseph. How was Joseph a foreshadowing of Christ?
  6.  In preparation for Sunday read the first part of our text. The story of the transfiguration is a confusing story to some. Write some questions out that you have after reading this.
  7. This morning pray for our service. Pray for the praise team, Pastor Paul and all others who participate in the service.