On Sunday, we talked about Luke 4:1-13.  Sunday marked the first Sunday in Lent. We are a people who want things right now and we fall into the temptation of the devil that says we deserve everything.  It’s difficult in this culture to be different and lean on God for everything. As you read your Bible this week and the texts below, think about what God is calling to you to this season of Lent.

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Your word is like a lamp that shows me the way. It is like a light that guides me. Psalm 119:105 NIrV








Luke 4:1-13

Joel 2:12-17

Isaiah 1

Genesis 3

Mark 1:9-11

Psalm 29:1-5

Luke 13:31-35


Questions to think about as your read:

  1. Reread the text from Sunday. Does something catch your eye that didn’t on Sunday morning? Write the words or verse down that did or highlight it in your Bible.
  2. In this text in Joel we see the Lent practice of fasting in the first verse. What did God call the listeners of Joel’s prophecy to by fasting? What can we learn from this practice of fasting in our lives today?
  3. Isaiah 1 is another text that is especially read during the season of Lent. As you read pay attention to verses 5-7. These are harsh words, yet paint a picture of the people of Israel and of us. Do these words affirm your beliefs you need God?
  4. The story of the fall is a very familiar one. Yet notice as you read the connection Pastor Paul pointed out in the devil’s words to Eve and his words later to Jesus while tempting him. It’s easy to think we wouldn’t fall for those tricks, but take a close look at your life- do you ever hear those words of “Did God really say or “If you are….” Bounce around in your head? Ask God for strength this week to resist the devil’s schemes.
  5. This text briefly recounts Jesus baptism. Read quietly to yourself the words of verse 11. Let the words of God saying you are mine wash over you today. With your kids share with them when they got baptized and share the promise that God says you are mine.
  6.  This psalm shows us the true power of God. What if your life do you need this power of God to come over? Pray about that today.
  7. This morning pray for our service. Pray for the praise team, Pastor Paul and all others who participate in the service.