Beyond Sunday

Maranatha Christian reformed church                                                          April 15,2019


On Sunday, we talked about Luke 19:28-40. Sunday marked the sixth and last Sunday in Lent, also known as Palm Sunday. So naturally we looked at the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem.  As I heard this story again I couldn’t help but think of the many activist movements we see happening in today’s culture. The scene that day in Jerusalem must have been similar in some aspects. People lining the streets expecting social change, but what they didn’t realize was this was beyond social change, the next few days would change history and defeat sin and death!

As post resurrection people how can we now approach our activist movements? While we desire social change how can we through the power of the Holy Spirit also bring people and their hearts to the cross and the empty tomb and bring not only social change but importantly soul transforming change to our broken world.

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Your word is like a lamp that shows me the way. It is like a light that guides me. Psalm 119:105 NIrV








Luke 19:28-40

Zechariah 9:9-13

Psalm 47

Exodus 12:1-30

Romans 6:8-13

Luke 22 and 23

Luke 24:1-12


Questions to think about as your read:

  1. Reread the text from Sunday. Does something catch your eye that didn’t on Sunday morning? Write the words or verse down that did or highlight it in your Bible.
  2. This prophecy in Zechariah is the prophecy that is fulfilled in Luke 19. In prayer today thank God for fulfilling his promises.
  3. This psalm contains some words that could have been shouted as Jesus rode into Jerusalem. Take a moment today and imagine what that day must have been like.
  4. Pastor Paul talked about the Passover. Read the account of the first Passover in Exodus. What foreshadowing do you see in this text?
  5. Focus on verse 14 of this text. When it says “For sin shall no longer be your master…” What images does this conjure up? 
  6.  Take time and read through the story of betrayal, trials and death of Jesus. What feelings are evoked when re -reading these stories? Does something new stand out?  
  7. He is Risen! He is risen, indeed! Celebrate this morning the new life we have in Christ! Pray today that others may know of this amazing story of redemption.