Beyond Sunday

Wait For Each Other                                                                                    May 12, 2019


How do we practice Lord’s Supper? What does it mean to recognize the body of Christ?

The church in Corinth struggled with favouritism and preferential treatment. Rich Christians were served first and ate as much as they wanted. Poorer Christians were kept outside and were given very little.

In this, the Corinthian Christians demonstrated that they weren’t living out their faith in practice. They were still holding onto the old order of things, holding onto divisions, as though being rich, or being important, or being anything of a worldly perspective is important. In Jesus, none of these things are important. In Jesus we have a new way of living, everyone considers everyone else better than themselves. We strive to be like Jesus who came to serve, not to be served.

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            “Be like the Son of Man. He did not come to be served. Instead, he came to serve others. He came to give his life as the price for setting many people free.””

Matthew 20:28  NIrV









Matthew 20:20-28

Ephesians 2:11-22

Matthew 19:16-30

John 15:1-17

John 15:1-17

Joshua 24:14-27


Questions to think about as you read:

  1. What stands out from Sunday’s passage? If you could dig deeper into one part of it, what would it be?
  2. Having read Philemon, what do you think about the letter? How would you feel if you received a letter like that?
  3. Matthew 20:20-28 talks about the attitude Christians ought to have, to have the attitude of Christ, serving others, putting other’s needs before our own. How hard is this to do?
  4. Ephesians 2:11-22 talks about the relationship between Jewish and Gentile Christians. How easy is it to accept new people, different people? What attitude is Christ creating in us?
  5. Compared to most people in the world, we are very, very rich. Put yourself into the story as the rich young man. How would you react to Jesus? What might be hindering you in your submission to Christ?
  6. Jesus laid down his life for us. There is no greater love than to lay one’s life down for others. What are some practical ways we can lay down our lives for others?
  7. Prepare your heart and mind for Sunday. Read through the passage before the service starts, pray for Pastor Paul, for the worship leaders, for the tech team, servers, security, Sunday school and nursery attendants, that all together we might worship God in spirit and in truth!