This week, we celebrated our ROAR! Summer Day Camp by reviewing each day and see how through all of life’s highs and lows, God is good! The children who came to Summer Day Camp learned each of these verses and stories over the past week, and so this week it is your turn. Let’s take each day and remember: God is Good!
It is said that our hindsight is 20-20. For the first part of this week, we will work through the ROAR! Daily Bible points create a timeline of your own life, to see how God is always working, and always good.

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Nahum 1:7,

Exodus 1, 5 & 6

Psalm 23:4,

Exodus 7:14-12:32

Psalm 106:1, Exodus 14-17

Psalm 34:18.

John 16-21

Nehemiah 4:14, Joshua 3-4

John 18:28-19:16

Apostles Creed


Questions to think about as you read:

  1. Monday, we learned that “When life is unfair…God is good!” Start this week by creating a timeline of your life. Draw a long line, and at the left end, put the day you were born, and the right end put today’s date. We will be filling in the gaps throughout the week. Today, as your read how life was unfair for the Israelites while in slavery, think about specific times in your life when it was unfair, and add those events to your timeline.
  2. Tuesday, we learned that when life is scary…God is good! The time of the plagues must have been a time of immense fear. Today, add the scary moments in your life to your timeline you started yesterday.
  3. Wednesday, we learned that “When life changes…God is good!” Add in the times of transition to your timeline. Also, think of someone in your life going through a time of transition. How can you help them know that God is good, even in times of change?
  4. Thursday, we talked about “When life is sad…God is good!” Sadness is part of life. Death, loss of jobs, loss of relationships, even the loss of a pet. Add these times to your timeline, and remember that even in the sad times, God is good!
  5. Friday, we learned that “When life is good…God is good!” God is constant, though the good and the bad. Add the good milestones to your timeline, such as important birthdays, births, relationships or holiday trips.
    Your timeline is now complete! Looking at the big picture, isn’t it amazing how God has been constant through it all? Through the unfair, scary, changing, sad, and good times! God is good. All the time! Take time to thank him today for his constant goodness.
  6. On Saturday, we look forward to Sunday. Read John 18:28 -19:16. What does it mean to you that Jesus endured this trial and so much pain – all for you! How can these verses open your eyes to the suffering Jesus went through?
  7. Sunday, prepare your heart and mind for worship. As we continue through the Apostles Creed, read it this morning three times. The first time, read it silently and ask yourself, what line sticks out? The second time, read is slower, focus on a single word that sticks out. The third time, say it out loud, emphasizing the word and phrase that sticks out.