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It’s Advent and Beyond Sunday is back! During the season of Advent our message series will look at the Biblical narrative as each story whispers the name of Jesus. We can be reminded as we meander through these formative stories of God’s providence and ever-present grace to his people.

As I mentioned with the kids on Sunday- the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones is a book that does a wonderful job painting the need for a Saviour in each and every story. This week we will use both readings from the Bible and from the Jesus Storybook Bible. It’s our hope you can not only experience personal spiritual growth this season, but also growth within your family. 

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            “Now, fellow Israelites, I know that you acted in ignorance, as did your leaders. But this is how God fulfilled what he had foretold through all the prophets, saying that his Messiah would suffer. Repent, then, and turn to God, so your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,”

Acts 3:17-19








Genesis 1 and 2

Jesus Storybook “The Song of Creation”

(pg 18-27)

Genesis 3

Jesus Storybook

“The Terrible Lie”

(pg 28-37)

Genesis 6-9

Jesus Storybook

“A New Beginning”

(pg 38-47)

Genesis 11

Jesus Storybook

“A Giant Staircase to Heaven”

(pg 56-61)

Genesis 12-21

Jesus Storybook

“Son of Laughter”

(pg 56-61)

Acts 3:25-26

Genesis 12:1-3


Questions to think about as you read:

  1. The story of Creation is one of amazement, wonder and mystery. Religions from around the globe have their view of what the Creation story is. Even in the Christian community there are varying views on Creation. (example: young earth v old earth). But we know that is was God who created all that is!  As you read the account in Genesis today what’s one thing that amazes you and what’s one thing that makes you wonder?
  2. The fall was a dark day. I imagine that as Adam and Eve were told to leave the Garden there were tears and fears. What would this world outside the garden be like? What does pain in child bearing mean? For that matter what is pain? Yet there is a sliver of hope- God makes a promise to Adam and Eve that he will one day send a Saviour to fix all this sadness and brokenness. Today open the newspaper or go to an online news site. Find a story that shows the brokenness that is present in our world. How can God’s promise from Genesis speak hope into that story?
  3. Noah is told to build an ark in a desert. Think about that for one moment. That’s crazy! Yet God has a plan. I have to imagine that God’s heart broke as he sent the flood waters to destroy his creation. So what was God’s plan? A plan to preserve his people. Hopelessness floods our earth today. How can we take refuge in God’s plan that we see in the story of Noah?
  4. The tower of Babel. This is another fascinating story we find early on in the book of Genesis. And in some ways it’s hard to think where is Jesus in this story. I love how the Jesus Storybook puts it: “You see, God knew, however high they reached, however hard they tried, people could never get back to heaven by themselves. People didn’t need a staircase, they needed a Rescuer. Because the way back to heaven wasn’t a staircase; it was a Person. People could never reach heaven, so Heaven would have to come down to them. And, one day, it would.” Share a time in this past week or so where you thought- I can do this all by myself! How did it work out? How can that moment serve as a reminder that you too like the people at the Tower of Babel needed a rescuer?
  5. On Sunday we will explore the story of Abraham a bit more. For today read the account in Genesis. This story is again crazy! Two people well beyond their child bearing years are promised a child?! And yet again we see, God has a plan and God keeps his promises. Notice Sarah’s different laughs in this story. At first laughing because she doesn’t believe God can provide her a child. Then once Isaac is born she laughs this time so thankful that God did do as he promised.. What was a time in your life that you doubted God? How does this story speak into that time?
  6. Read about Peter and Israelite onlookers in this passage. He is saying look God has done all these things! This is who he is! And yet you still don’t believe it! It is easy to point on these onlookers and say- you silly Israelites, how could you be so stupid? Ah, but hold on just a moment. We do the same thing. We face a situation or see something on the news and say- well that’s it for me or this situation. And we forget God is a God who delivers his people and has done it time and time again. While praying today thank God for being a God who delivers his people always and of all time.
  7. Prepare your heart for worship this morning and read this passage. Try one of these things:
    1. Read the passage quietly at the breakfast with zero distractions. In the quietness listen for what God is saying to you.
    2. Read the passage with loud emotion evoking music playing in the background (movie soundtracks are usually great). Reflect on God’s plan and thank him for it!