Our Name:

means “Come, Lord Jesus!” We are a community of people who believe that Jesus has already come to give us friendship with God through his ministry, teaching, death, and resurrection. And we trust that Jesus will come again to make that friendship complete.

Christian means we believe that the man Jesus who lived in Judea about 2,000 years ago is the Christ, that is, the divine Son of God who was born as a human being to fulfil God’s plan to save us and our world from the sin that has brought such ruin to all creation and society.

Reformed means, historically, that our beginnings are rooted in the 16th century European Protestant Reformation. Church leaders such as Martin Luther, John Calvin and John Knox began this movement which taught that the Bible alone was God’s authoritative Word to us, and that we are saved only by God’s unconditional grace. Practically, being Reformed means God’s Spirit is always at work in us to transform us more into the image and character of Jesus, and that we are called to be agents of redeeming change in our world.

Church means we are a community of people called by God - a family – who share a common Christian faith. We seek to celebrate God’s love expressed in Jesus, follow God’s way in our lives, and bring the Good News of God’s saving love to our neighbors locally and globally.

We Value:

The historic creeds of the church and the three forms of unity of the Christian Reformed Church summarize our understanding and application of the Holy Scriptures.